And Now for Something Completely Different

Introducing The Chronicles of Threa, Book 1: Hunting Gatherers

Tired of robots, swords, and desolation? You’re in luck! I’m currently hard at work editing my second novel, which is the first book in a brand-new series set on the world of Threa, which is a planet lush with all kinds of life. Jump past the break to read a short blurb introducing the concept and world. Also, congratulations to Janet Cormack for suggesting the winning subtitle in the recent Titillating Title Contest!

Welcome to an Threa, a planet entirely devoid of Human life. But this planet is not barren, and sentient Animals rule the globe. A Mouse EMT drives a floating ambulance, a Sparrow is sheriff, and a Heron is an Army Colonel. Teams of Lions, Tigers, and Bears (oh my!) roam the battlefield, a tired old Wolf commands a battalion, and a peaceful Wolverine runs a military supply dump. It’s also a world divided by species at war. On one side, the Herbivores (Gatherers) cultivate huge tracts of land to grow the plants they need to survive. On the other, the Carnivores (Hunters) keep vast herds of Dumb prey animals to support them. Each side despises the other, and this natural animosity has torn the world apart.

Meet Dr. Plink Stephomipopilos, a young and talented Arboreal Physician trusted to tend his town’s entire acorn crop. As a civilian Gatherer, this Squirrel has never been to the front lines; never even seen a Hunter in person. His world is turned upside down when a wounded Ferret stumbles into his tree farm. How will this peace-loving man deal with the war’s intrusion on his life? Will he crumple under the pressure or rise to the occasion?

Meet Scritch Fischer, an ambitious Scout struggling up the ranks of the Hunter army. Stuck with assignments he feels are beneath him, he is eager to prove himself in the war against the Gatherers. His chance finally comes when his commanding officer sends him on a super-secret scouting mission vital to the war effort. The journey into enemy territory is long and fraught with danger. How well will this untried pup handle his trying quest? Will he survive and succeed, or will his first major mission be his last?

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