Book Review: “The Star of Jolanest”

Goodness, it’s been a while since I’ve had the time to post on here. I do apologize for that, and further that my first post in over a month has nothing to do with my next project (which I am still working on!). However, I have had the privilege of reading another up-and-coming author’s work and review it as a part of my position at the Kindle Book Review. Hop on over to Amazon, check out DawnEllen’s Star of Jolanest, and read my review. Or, just jump past the break to read the review right here. Happy browsing, bibliophiles!

A Fast-Paced Adventure Full of Mischief, Magic, and Mayhem

Jarby is very comfortable being the son of a simple innkeeper, and Poke is equally content serving as the inn’s stableboy. Both are descended from mighty kings and wizards, but neither are interested in fulfilling any higher destiny, or exploring their innate abilities. All that changes when a wayward wizard tells them of a great treasure hidden by Poke’s ancestor. Jarby needs the money to marry his beloved, and Poke is intrigued by the possibility of learning more about his magic-wielding forebear. So, despite the inherent dangers and the hidden threat of a shadowy evil ruler, the two youngsters set off on a flying steed provided them by the odd wizard, and into the most insane adventure of their young lives.

From the first pages, the story is fast-paced and intriguing. The author does well at grabbing the reader’s interest by dropping hints of deeper stories and meanings behind everything. What is so special about Jarby and Poke? Who is the shadowy villain dogging their steps? The pages of the novel give the reader hints and clues about these things, but never fully explain them. This works well to draw readers in, but I hope the author will write more books in this series so these topics can be explored more fully. Otherwise, the novel is a wonderful romp full of fantastical creatures, almost impossible situations, and a sprinkling of dry wit over a mound of slap-stick comedy. At times it actually moves a bit too fast, running lightly over descriptions of places and characters, leaving their images tantalizingly vague. That being said, the story and characters were interesting enough to keep my attention from the first page to the last. All in all, a very solid novel.

Score: 3.2 out of 5

– Peter T Cormack (author of Steel Souls, Book 1: Life in the Machine and Chronicles of Threa, Volume 1: Hunting Gatherers)

Stay posted for more announcements about my upcoming project!


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