Steel Souls Series

  1. Life in the Machine

Steel Souls, Book 1: Life in the Machine cover

Steel Souls, Book 1: Life in the Machine

A rollicking adventure of sword and steel across a wasted Earth

Gaia, Earth, our homeworld lies in ruins. Once, she was the envy of all who beheld her, bursting at the seams with Life. But late in the 30th century, a terrible virus – wrought from the forbidden art of nanotechnology – ravaged the planet. It consumed every living thing from the highest mountain peaks to the deepest sea trenches and left nothing but devastation behind. Now, Mother Gaia tumbles pathetically through space, barren. But she is not completely empty. Reduced to nothing more than bare souls encased in crude mechanical bodies, the remnants of Life cling tenaciously to Gaia’s surface.

In this harsh new reality, Musashi Miyamoto – samurai and history buff – ekes out a crude living with his partner, doing odd jobs and scavenging what materials they can from the wasted land. Until one day, when they stumble upon a great secret. Something that will change the world, and shape the face of things to come.

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