About the Author

Peter T Cormack, born March 16th, 1983, was raised in a small town nestled high in the southern tip of the Sierra Nevada mountains. As soon as he was of age, he traveled the world a spell. He has lived in Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, and Irvine, California, Columbus, Ohio, and Oomiya, Japan. But now, he’s back home and living in Wofford Heights, California with his beautiful wife and two kittens.

He has worked as a raft guide on the Kern River for Sierra South, raft guide and photographer for Kern River Tours, Game Master and Quality Assurance Analyst for Blizzard Entertainment, English Teacher for the Heart Corporation in Japan, Counter Intelligence Agent for the Geek Squad, and Information Technology Liaison for the Sienna Wellness Institute.

He loves his wife, his kittens, his family, reading, anime, Jujitsu, computer games, and – of course – writing. In this latest adventure, he hopes to make a new living as a full-time author, and looks forward to exploring new and exciting universes with you, dear reader.


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